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The 1954 Catalano House in Raleigh NC, sadly destroyed in 2001. Photo by Ezra Stoller.
A Nonprofit 501C3 Educational Archive Documenting, Preserving, and Promoting Modernist Residential Architecture

Most people don’t know North Carolina is the 3rd largest concentration of mid-century Modernist houses in America.  North Carolina’s brilliant mid-century Modernist houses are “livable works of art” torn down in record numbers – largely because buyers, sellers, and realtors don’t realize the importance of what they have – or how to preserve, repair, and protect them. 
You can't save something if you don't know where it is or why it is important. NCModernist.org is North Carolina's largest open digital archive of residential Modernist houses and architects, with documentation on over 2,400 houses and over 300 architects and designers, built and unbuilt.

NCModernist produces more than 30 events a year, including Modernist tours across the Triangle, North Carolina, nationally, and internationally; monthly design networking happy hours called Thirst4Architecture; and three major initiatives to advance Modernist architecture in across the state:

• The George Matsumoto Prize encourages young architects, designers, and clients to continue North Carolina’s Modernist heritage.

Project BauHow connects rural high school drafting students with the state's two major architecture universities through scholarship opportunities, site visits, and speakers.

• The Legal Defense Fund provides legal and technical assistance for endangered Modernist houses.

In addition, NCModernist created USModernist, America’s largest open digital archive of residential Modernist houses and architects, documenting 6,500 Modernist houses, past and present, built and unbuilt, of 20th-century American residential design.

NCModernist is part of the North Carolina 501C3 nonprofit Modernist Archive Inc., recognized for leadership in historic preservation with 12 local, state, and national awards

NCModernist’s founder and Executive Director, George Smart, received 2016 AIA Institute Honors for Collaborative and Professional Achievement, their highest award for a non-architect. He is the host of USModernist Radio and speaks around the country to design, museum, and real estate organizations. George has written for Atomic Ranch and has been featured on:


Contacts: George Smart, Executive Director, george@ncmodernist.org, 919.740.8407; Rebekah Laney, Development Director, rebekah@ncmodernist.org, (865) 414-5800.  Meet the team.

Updated 6.2019